About the Prize: Evaluation Criteria

All Entries judged according to the following criteria, listed in order of importance:

  1. Does the idea have the cool factor? (25%)

    • - Inspires youthfulness, social engagement, fun and creativity
    • - Helps attract and retain talented, interesting people within the Greater Birmingham community
    • - Collaborative by design
  2. Does the idea complement the Railroad Park/Sloss Corridor? (20%)

    • - Builds on existing assets, especially along the Railroad Park/Sloss Corridor
    • - Unique and distinctive to Birmingham
    • - May include creative connectivity to other areas or sites
  3. Is the idea feasible, realistic, doable and sustainable? (25%)

    • - Provides earned income for Railroad Park
  4. Is the idea magnetic and contagious? (20%)

    • - A dynamic destination with potential for a new experience every visit
    • - Energizing, intriguing and timeless destination
    • - Encourages repeat visits
  5. Does the idea have broad appeal? (10%)

    • - Offers hope, excitement, pride to users of all ages
    • - Equally attractive to residents and visitors
    • - A unifying effect on region