About the Prize: Overview

The Prize2theFuture Challenge:
"What is your idea for the Prize2theFuture physical site that will transform Birmingham into a cooler, more vibrant city?" That was the question posed in the inaugural Prize2theFuture idea contest, launched January 13, 2011, and ending its first phase with the announcement of the top winners on May 5, 2011.

Prize2theFuture Background:
The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham created Prize2theFuture in 2011 as the innovative first investment from Community Catalyst Funds, created as a new resource for the community by donors who wanted to be part of the next big thing to build a brighter future in greater Birmingham.

Through an on-line process, using this site, almost 3,000 people from 39 countries participated and submitted more than 1,100 ideas deadline. A committee of 33 judges, local and national, chose One Birmingham Place, an Eight-Part Celebration of Community and Social Re-engagement, as the winning idea on May 5, 2011.

Prize2theFuture physical site The Community Foundation worked with the City of Birmingham to identify a site in downtown Birmingham where a winning idea could be implemented that would build on great things already going on to make our city center cool and vibrant. The site chosen is east of the 19-acre Railroad Park, now a surface parking lot owned by the City and part of a longer range master plan to create a linear green connector all the way to historic Sloss Furnaces National Landmark.

Check out the interactive map for more about the Railroad Corridor and what is going on all around the Prize Site, located between Powell Avenue and First Avenue South, and between 18th and 19th streets.

Next steps
A committee representing the Community Foundation, local leaders and experts is planning the next phase of Prize2theFuture, which will call first for qualifications from potential teams and then for proposals to implement the winning idea. Stay tuned through the Community Foundation or call 205-327-3803 to find out more. In the meantime, check out this site to see how the original contest worked.