Contestant FAQ

Eligibility Criteria

Q: Who can enter Prize2theFuture?
A: The 2011 Prize2theFuture challenge is open to anyone age 18 and older. Anyone under 18 can be part of a team, but is not eligible for a payout from the prize organizers.

Q: Are there limits to the number of individual or team entrants from a single institution?
A: There is no limit to the number of teams from a single institution. We encourage multiple teams because it increases the chances for your school, business or organization to win.

Q: Are individuals allowed to participate?
A: Yes. An individual is considered a “Team of (1)” in the system.

Q: Is team size limited?
A: A team consists of two (2) to five (5) members.

Q. How many entries can I submit?
A. Each person or team is limited to 3 entries. A separate registration and valid e-mail address is required for each entry.

Q: As a Team Leader, how do I check to see if all my team members are officially registered?
A: Please log into the system with your Email ID and Password and click on the "My Team" menu option then select Members from the Team Profile tab. If you see "Invited" next to any of your team members' names, this means the team member has not completed the registration process. Click the "Resend Invitation" envelope icon to resend your email invitation to the team member. Please follow up with the team member to make sure they have received it.

Q: As a Team Leader, how can I add/delete a team member or change their personal information?
A: To invite a new team member, click on the "My Team" menu option and select "Members" from the Team Profile tab. To delete a current team member, click the "Trash" icon to the right of the individual's name.

Q: Can I change my team membership before or after registration closes?
A: Team members who register at the beginning of the contest must participate throughout the contest, with one (1) exception: teams may make one (1) substitution prior to the submission deadline. Once the submission deadline has closed, no changes or substitutions will be allowed. No team may enter more than once; no entrant may compete on more than one team.

Q: Who created the 2011 Prize2theFuture Challenge question?
A: We spent a lot of time studying the possibilities for a cool, vibrant city center, which people in our community said they wanted. In partnership with our donors, consultants and the City of Birmingham, we identified a one-square-block area immediately east of Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham as the Prize Site. The Challenge question focuses on your best idea for that site, based on criteria stated in the Rules.

Q: To whom should we direct questions about the 2011 Prize2theFuture?
A: In the interest of fairness, we cannot to reply to questions that relate directly to the Challenge question, beyond the information provided on the website. Direct questions about website operation, Rules and deadlines can be directed via e-mail to Hill Carmichael, Project Manager. Media questions about the Community Foundation and the prize should be directed to Emily Rushing. Your Idea

Q: What is a Prize2theFuture idea?
A: Your Prize2theFuture idea can consist of but is not limited to one or more of the following categories: Structure, Activity/Activities, Gathering Place, Cultural Amenity, Notion. The Rules specify specific characteristics that will be judged in relation to each idea.

Q. How do I submit my idea?
A. A complete entry requires three (3) page editable PDF form and up to two (2) optional supporting documents that you and your team develop in response to your assigned challenge question. The required entry form may be downloaded from your workspace once you've registered. Accepted file types for optional supporting documents are as follows: any MS Office document, PDFs and/or up to (2) URLs.

Q: How do we get started on our Prize2theFuture idea for 2011?
A: On January 13, 2011, register and login from the Prize2theFuture home page (http://www.prize2thefuture.org). Once you have successfully registered and consented to the Official Rules, you may login to your workspace to view the challenge materials and begin to prepare your entry. For your submission we ask that you prepare the following: Step 1: fill out the title and summary of your entry Step 2: upload the completed official entry form and any supporting materials / links Step 3: preview your entry before submitting. Upon submission you will receive a confirmation email and on-screen date and time-stamp. Judging Process

Q. When and where does judging take place?
A. Prize2theFuture judging will take place in several rounds, following the March 11, 2011 submission deadline. Judges will review and score entries online to identify winners in two elimination rounds. Special judging panels will select the top 3 prize winners and 7 runners-up out of the final group of 10 semifinalists

Q. How will the judges choose winners?
A. Judges will review the Submissions based on the specific criteria below and give a specific score for each criteria. The highest-ranked entries will move on to the next level of the contest: • 25 % - The Cool Factor • 20% - Complement to Railroad Park/Sloss Corridor • 25% - Feasibility • 20 % - Magnetic, contagious • 10 % - Broad appeal Manage Your Account

Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?
A: Please click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen. Enter your Email ID into the form provided. A new link to reset your password will be sent to your email address. Please remember that this password is case sensitive (i.e., upper and lower cases matter). If you receive an error message that says “Unable to find your user login and/or unable to verify password,” please send us an email at info@prize2thefuture.org with “Reset Password” in the subject line.

Q: Why have I not received my login and password?
A: If you are using an email service that has a Junk Mail filter such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail, your login and password information may have been filtered out as Junk Mail. Please check your Bulk/Junk Mail folder to find the invitation email. If you require further assistance, please send us an email at info@prize2thefuture.org with "Login Info" in the subject line.

Prize2theFuture FAQs

Q: Where did the Prize2theFuture get its start?
A: Prize2theFuture was created in 2010 as the first investment from the Community Catalyst Funds of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.

Q: What is the total amount of prize money for the 2011 Prize 2 to the Future?
A: $50,000

Q. Do I really have a chance to win?
A. Your odds depend on the number of eligible entries received and how well your idea stacks up against the judging criteria.

Q. What are the prizes?
A. The first-place winner will receive $50,000, second-place $10,000 and third-place $5,000. The other seven (7) finalists will receive $1,000 each. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received and the skill of the entrants in preparing their Submissions.

Q. How will the prizes be divided among teams?
A. Prizes will be awarded to the Team Leader, who will be responsible for determining how that award gets divided among the team members.

Q: When will the 10 finalists be announced?
A: The finalists will be announced in April of 2011 and their ideas displayed in a virtual and/or real Idea Gallery.

Q: What about the final winner?
A: The final winner will be selected on May 5, 2011, with awards for first, second, third and semi-finalists announced after judges view the Idea Gallery.

Q. If I am a winner, when and how will I be notified?
A. If you are a semifinalist, you will be notified via e-mail in April 2011, prior to the announcement of semifinalists on the Prize2theFuture website. You will be contacted directly to determine complete any required paperwork, as described in our Official Competition Rules. Following the judging as part of the Idea Gallery, you will be notified via e-mail about what level of prize you have received and asked to participate in announcement events as described in Rules.

Q. When and where is the Prize2theFuture announcement event?

Q. Who is invited to attend the event?
A. All contestants, judges and supporters are welcome to attend to announcement event. Please let us know if you plan to attend by e-mail at rsvp@foundationbirmingham.org.

Q: What happens to my winning idea?
A: Phase 2 of Prize2theFuture calls for the winning idea to become the centerpiece for selecting the appropriate vendor/design firm/organization to implement on the Prize Site. Phase 2 begins as soon as Phase 1 winners are announced.

Q. Will the Community Foundation make a profit off my idea?
A. No, the Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission of working in partnership with others to improve the life of our region. We bring people together to address community issues, build on opportunities and achieve measurable results, and we believe the winning ideas will drive positive change in Greater Birmingham.

Community Foundation FAQs

Q: What does the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham do?
A: We leverage gifts and bequests from many people to drive positive change. We bring people together from all walks of life to address community issues, build on opportunities and achieve measurable results. We work in partnership with others to improve the life of our region. We accomplish this through high-impact grants and initiatives, by serving as a community leader, catalyst and convener and by working as a trusted partner in philanthropy for generous individuals, families and businesses and their professional advisors.

Q: Who is your partner in creating the mechanism for the prize website?
A: We are working with Idea Crossing, a California company that provides tools and resources to run effective prize programs.

Q: How do I contact the Community Foundation?
A: Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham
2100 First Avenue North, Suite 700
Birmingham, AL 35203

P: 205-327-3800
F: 205-328-6576